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Rachel headsot

Written by Rachel Northington

January 20, 2021

TCU Rider 1
TCU Rider 2

“TCU loves using SynNutra products. SynChill does a beautiful job taking the edge off anxious horses and GastroMend helps ulcer prone horses perform at their best and most comfortable.

TCU Equestrian

Emma Graybill
Emma Graybill

“My horse gets fresh during the winter months and I’m not able to ride as much as I would like to with my busy school schedule, so I give him SynChill Daily. Synchill helps him stay focused while riding so that we can work together effectively without any added stress or anxiety. Since I started to give him Synchill, he has been so much more relaxed and enjoyable to ride. I definitely recommend this product!”

Emma Graybill

More Winning Ways!

Ashlee Bond was 2nd in the $214,000 CSI4* Grand Prix last week with Donatello 141 at Wellington Equestrian Festival!

Ashlee Bond on horse jumping water
SynNutra Team Rider: Ashlee Bond and Donatello 141
“Look at Donnie and Ashlee soar over the open water! Horses really CAN fly!”
Photo: Sportfot

Kyle King had a great week this week at the Desert Horse Park, winning the $75,000 Grand Prix aboard Enzo and took home champion in the 6-Year-Old division on Kat Walk C.

Kyle King
SynNutra Team Rider: Kyle King aboard Enzo

Michael Tokaruk ended January with a big win with My Lord Castanoo in the $25,000 Grand Prix at the Venice Equestrian Tour.

Michael Tokaruk My Lord Castanoo
SynNutra Team Rider: Michael Tokaruk with My Lord Castanoo

Will Simpson won the 1.35m SmartPak Welcome Speed class aboard Coxe Horses LLC’s Whoop De Doo on February 5th.

Will Simpson and Whoop De Doo
SynNutra Team Rider: Will Simpson and Whoop De Doo

Sarah Pinfield kicked off her 2021 season this February in California placing 3rd on Reverb in the Open Training and finished 2nd on Korban in the Open Preliminary.

Sarah Pinfield
SynNutra Team Rider: Sarah Pinfield

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SynNutra Promoter Chrissie Catto will be at WEC Ocala on February 21st!

Get in touch with her for all your SynNutra needs while you’re wintering in Florida! 
She can be reached at chrissie@synnutra.com or 904-424-0708.
Tell her we said to ask for a sample of SynChill!
Chrissie Catto

Chrissie Catto

Fun Fact:
Where is a horse’s gallbladder located?
That’s a trick question since horses don’t have gallbladders! Because horses are designed to eat constantly, they don’t need one.

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