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SynChill Gel™ & SynChill Daily™

A Unique Approach!

What Makes SynChill Different From Other Products On The Market?
  • Tryptophan and Magnesium products alone do not have the ability to cross the blood-brain barrier, rendering them virtually useless in decreasing anxiety unless used at very high, unnatural levels.
  • Unlike typical tryptophan-based supplements, SynChill is the only one that contains 5-HTP, a natural brain chemical that is the precursor to serotonin.
  • Combined with Vitamin B6, SynChill allows a horse to relax, focus and perform confidently and securely; with the complete mental clarity and physical ability that sedatives and tranquilizers simply cannot offer. 
  • It Works!
Which SynChill Product Is Right For My Horse?

Both SynChill products contain a proprietary blend of natural ingredients developed for the horse that needs help coping with anxiety and nervousness.

SynChill Gel is a pleasantly sweet-tasting, odor-free, clear gel dispensed orally in handy, single-dose syringes.

SynChill Gel is typically administered one to two hours before a potentially stressful event.

SynChill Daily helps the key ingredients reach the brain at a higher level and provides a more constant increase in brain serotonin.

SynChill Daily also incorporates L-theanine, which has an anxiolytic effect independent of brain serotonin production. We consider this all-natural combination to be a synergistic approach promoting the feeling of well-being in the horse.

SynChill Daily is provided in a palatable alfalfa-based pellet, in a vacuum-packed 30 scoop pouch.

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