The Most Effective Treatment for managing gastric ulcers in horses


GastroMend™ & GastroMend® XC

A New Approach!

Product Benefit Highlights

What Makes GastroMend™ Different From Other Products On The Market?
  • Conventional treatments for gastric ulcers in the horse are aimed at reducing gastric acid production and forming an artificial protective barrier that adheres to the ulcer.
  • Our GastroMend products promote healing of the ulcer itself rather than simply reducing acid production (which causes pain).
  • Designed to promote healing of equine gastric ulcers while maintaining the normal digestive functions with stomach acid production.
  • The most cost-effective and natural approach to gastric ulcer management in horses.
  • It Works!
Which Product Is Right For My Horse?
  • Both GastroMend and GastroMend XC are formulated with high quality natural ingredients that have been proven to promote healing and prevent gastric ulcers.
  • Specifically, naturally derived pentacyclic triterpenoids increase collagen and fibronectin production, critical components for the basement membrane and of the healing process.
  • The natural components of GastroMend have also been shown to improve the quality of the mucous layer in the stomach and prevent gastric ulcers in challenge studies.
  • GastroMend XC delivers an enhanced formula that includes:
    ✅ Concentrated Extracts to Increase Potency
    ✅Chitosan to Boost Healing
    ✅Beta-Carotene to Strengthen Tissue
  • Horses typically demonstrate an improvement in appetite within the first week of use. Gastric ulcer lesions have been shown to improve significantly or resolve completely within 30 days.

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Click to enlarge the images below to read about GastroMend XC’s new approach to treating ulcers in your horse.


Click to enlarge the images below to read about GastroMend’s new approach to treating ulcers in your horse.

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