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No Banned Substances

SynNutra products never contain drugs or prohibited substances and there are no withdrawal times for ingredients.

SynNutra Equine

We are committed to the research and development of effective products designed to treat performance horse medical issues.

Committed to Your Horse's Health & Performance

SynNutra Equine has roots firmly planted in equine veterinary medicine.

What Our Clients Are Saying

  • Ashlee Bond International Show Jumper

    SynChill has been a game changer for me and my program! I can’t express how wonderful this product is. It helps the hot/ nervous/ spooky/ sensitive ones focus and stay calm without taking their quality away! It’s super easy to give to the horses and they seem to like it as well! I can’t survive without SynChill! It will forever be a part of our program!

  • Doug O’Neill Kentucky Derby Winner 2012, 2016
    Preakness Stakes Winner 2012
    Breeder’s Cup Juvenile Winner 2005, 2015
    Breeder’s Cup Dirt Mile Winner 2013, 2014
    Breeder’s Cup Filly and Mare Sprint Winner 2007
    Breeder’s Cup Sprint Winner 2006

    We’re very happy with the results that we’re seeing.

  • Daniel Bluman Olympic show jumping rider and Bluman Equestrian co-founder

    SynChill helps our horses manage their anxiety in a positive way.
    We are so happy to have found a product like this—it has made the biggest difference!

  • Mark Glatt Multiple Graded Stakes Winning Trainer
    Over $26.5 million in earnings

    The products are very effective and cost friendly. In particular, SynAir.

  • Lorrie Canaday Galway Farm

    We at Galway Farm love the SynNutra products! Specifically the SynChill and GastroMend. SynChill is so easy to administer, the smaller tube is great, leaves less residue and works! Our horses really seem to relax. The GastroMend has made a significant difference in several of our horses’ demeanors! WAY happier and more relaxed about life in general and happier to do their jobs! Definitely products worth trying and the customer service is fantastic!

  • Laura Hansen La Cresta, CA

    My nervous green 5 yr old jumper did two perfect clean rounds at Thermal today…1st time EVER in jumper class, thanks to SynChill! So happy!

  • Karen Klawitter CEO, SoCal Equine Foundation, Inc.

    I recently used SynChill on my eventing, trail horse. What an astounding difference! His character changed dramatically! He went from being aggressive and hard to work with to standing still to be saddled and even stood still to have his EZ boots put on. AND on the trail he was a real “trail” horse. I can’t wait to see the difference at his next trial event!

  • Howard Zucker Thoroughbred Trainer,
    Santa Anita, Del Mar

    The more I use it, the better I like it. I\'ve just switched my last 2 Gastro Gard horses on to this. HUGE savings for the owners!! No drugs, completely natural.

  • Jeff Metz 4 time leading trainer at Emerald Downs.
    Trainer of multiple stakes winners at Emerald Downs and Turf Paradise
    Trainer of multiple State Champions in WA

    I used Syn Air on bleeders and horses that get mucus a lot. It definitely gives a horse energy and the ability to breath the best possible. have been using for a couple of years now and am very happy with the products results.

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Featured Products

  • Featured Product #5 RedoxEq $180 30 day supply
    • Metabolic support for horses with elevated GGT
    • Potent antioxidants to combat Oxidative Stress in the Equine Athlete
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  • Featured Product #4 Synchill Daily $87 30 day supply
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  • Featured Product #1 Gastromend™ Supplement - A New Approach to Equine Gastric Ulcers $75.00 30 day supply
    • For horses at risk of developing gastric ulcers
    • Supports gastric and hindgut health for optimum nutrient absorption
    • Helps maintain a healthy appetite
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  • Featured Product #2 Synair - Eiph (Bleeding) Management For Horses $110.00 30 day supply
    • Developed for horses at risk of EIPH
    • Supports healthy lungs in equine athletes
    • Feeds the nitric oxide cycle for improved oxygen exchange
    • Promotes healing of EIPH-damaged lungs
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  • Featured Product #3 Synchill - Calming Gel For The Nervous Horse $9.85 - $118.20 Available individually or by the box
    • Provides maximum disposition support for your equine athlete
    • Designed to reduce stress and anxiety prior to stressful events
    • Help prevent your horse from washing out or tying up
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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

At SynNutra Equine, we take great pride in knowing that our supplements are helping customers and their horses reach peak performance. We stand behind our products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not 100% satisfied, contact us at 800.725.6940 for a full refund. Our clients and their horses are our #1 priority. Always.

Product Benefits

Bone Development
& Repair
Healthy Bone
Tendon &
Stress &
Gastro Mend
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