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Written by Rachel Northington

September 17, 2020

SynNutra Promoter Chrissie Catto from Florida enjoyed meeting several of you at Aiken Horse Park in South Carolina where she was thrilled to partner with Aiken Saddlery to host a Special Drawing this past weekend!
Congratulations to Sarah Warden and her horses Bailerina (pictured) and Esquina Van Klapscheut from St. Augustine, Florida on being the winner! We can’t wait to hear how much you enjoy your SynChill!
Sarah Warden with Bailerina
Sarah Warden with Bailerina

Our second giveaway winner is Lake Weston of Memphis, TN who is taking home the popular GastroMend XC. We look forward to hearing how her OTTB Bossy does on the supplement! Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and Facebook for more giveaways!

Lake Weston

Lake Weston

SynNutra, Inc. sponsored rider Michael Tokaruk and Steel The Love won back-to-back $30,000 Grand Prix classes at the two weeks of Brownland Farm Horse Shows in Franklin, Tennessee.

Lake Weston
Michael Tokaruk and Steel

SynNutra Inc. Sponsored Rider Ashlee Bond and Boheme Des Fleyres finished 2nd in the $22,500 Grand Prix at the Del Mar Fall Festival.

Ashlee Bond

Ashlee Bond and Boheme Des Fleyres

SynNutra, Inc. Sponsored Rider Daniel Bluman welcomed new horse Alamo to his string. Alamo (Ukato x Equador) won the 2019 Longines FEI Jumping World Cup™ Final with Steve Guerdat aboard.

Photo via FEI

Hannah Gully of Minnesota wrote in to us and we are thrilled that SynNutra’s SynChill has been a game changer for her and her horse!

Two years ago, my gelding made his run on a Friday night at a barrel race and came back for our Saturday run and he was trembling. I couldn’t get him up to the warmup arena; he just wasn’t going in no matter what.

It was a very sudden change in behavior. We tried many different calming pastes, saddle fittings,… I mean EVERYTHING!! It had been 2+ years since I have been able to get him into the arena by myself without any help. He has developed anxiety and he overthinks what he is doing until he gets into the arena. His feet just don’t move and nothing helped to get him into the arena.

Then, I came across your product when a friend mentioned it. She used it on her horse who she used to have to ACE. At first, I just blew it off because I figured nothing would help him with his anxiety because I felt I tried everything there is on the market.

I finally said let’s try it! I bought 2 tubes and went to a weekend barrel race. My gelding was able to walk up through the barn, into the holding pen, and even went up the alley during the 2 drags before us!!! This has never happened in over two years. We thought, hmm was it the SynChill Gel or what was it. Well, we tried it again the next day and he did it again and ran up the alley!!!! I knew at that moment this was my fix!

I now have used SynChill in every run since, except one. In that one exception, I couldn’t get him in again. Synchill has been such a game changer with helping him cope with his anxiety and to not overthink the alley way!

My gelding has made a huge improvement this season with his anxiety and has won me multiple 1D champion weekends this season.

Hannah Gully

WATCH! 60 seconds – Before & After Synchill. Hannah Gully and her Gelding

My name is Manon Prat and I own a retired thoroughbred. We have been using SynChill for a couple of months now and we absolutely love this product. We first used the Synchill Gel which was really good because it had a fast effect, then we started using the SynChill Daily and my horse has never been so relaxed. I really recommend this product, first because it is 100% natural and second because it WORKS!

Manon Prat

Manon Prat and Crosscheck Carlos

Manon Prat and Crosscheck Carlos

Olivia Brown (of Harley Brown Equestrian) and Inkwell won the $10,000 Hygain Feeds Open Hunter Derby at the Sonoma Horse Park HMI Classic.

We have found GastroMend helps all of our horses. They are much more relaxed overall, lower stress level (especially at shows), and their guts feel good!!

We have used SynChill on many of our horses, and we think it reduces the need to prep the horses as much as we used to. Basically, less or no lunging necessary!

Marybeth Canfield

Marybeth Canfield- Molly

 Class Act and Molly Canfield, Small Junior Hunter, feeling the love from GastroMend and SynChill

Marybeth Canfield- Donnalaris

 Donnalaris and Junior Jumper Molly Canfield – GastroMend is helping Donnalaris feel great

Caston and Marybeth Canfield

Caston and Marybeth Canfield- SynChill helping Caston relax and stay focussed

NEW SynChill Daily Packaging

We are happy to unveil the new, more functional SynChill Daily packaging! We appreciate you sending in your ideas and look forward to hearing how much more convenient the containers are!
New SynChill Daily Packaging
As always, please keep those customer testimonials coming! Your success stories totally make our day! It is exactly why we do what we do!

Be prepared to see our fabulous Promoter, Ruth Sorrel from South Carolina, at the 2020 APHA World Show in Fort Worth, Texas on September 26th and 27th!

Since the shows were rescheduled from June, we know you must all be as relieved as we are to be back. We wish you great success!

If you have any questions or are interested in trying a sample of , Ruth invites you to text her at 803-240-3750 or email her at!

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Don’t miss out on the opportunity for the latest news and special offers on SynNutra Equine products.