Rider Highlights and Updates – September, 2021
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Written by Rachel Northington

September 30, 2021

Did you know that horses have three pairs of salivary glands that can produce almost ten gallons of saliva every day?
That’s a lot of liquid!?

Horse eating hay

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As a veterinarian, I am very skeptical about using calming products, especially all natural, FEI legal ones that don’t break the bank. My good friend told me to try SynChill paste. She used it on her event horses and said it works wonders. I was skeptical once again, but thought I’d place an order to try them. My mare was diagnosed with severe ulcers after her scope that proved to be impossible to treat. She was then treated for EPM and getting her back to work was a struggle, no magnesium, tryptophan, or any other product was taking off the edge the way I needed to feel safe getting on her. She was even deemed dangerous by 2 trainers. SynChill paste was my last-ditch effort. I waited the full 2 hours after administration to ride. She was a saint! My girl was back. We use SynChill paste religiously when we haul off the farm for lessons or schooling. I’ve noticed her focus is spot on she’s ready to work. She’s happy, comfortable and safe which is the most important thing!

Thank you,

Dr. Jordan Bauer
Dr Jordan Bauer
Dr Bauer jumping

Dr. Jordan Bauer

Loving Preacher on GastroMend! He has been such a picky eater and hard keeper his entire life. He hasn’t been on it 30 days yet and even in the hot Texas heat he is cleaning up all his feed and putting on weight. He is looking amazing! Thank you!”

Thank you,

Sarah Sinclair and Preacher
Sara Sinclair Barrel racing
Sara Sinclair Barrel racing

Sarah Sinclair and Preacher

Team Rider Updates:

Synnutra Team Rider Daniel Bluman and Gemma W won the $300,000 LONGINES Hampton Classic Grand Prix Presented by Land Rover.
Bluman, two-time Olympic veteran and 2017 Hampton Classic Grand Prix champion, piloted Blue Star Investments’ Gemma W, a 10-year-old Dutch Warmblood mare, around the ring after five-time U.S. Olympian McLain Ward took the lead, finishing in a time of 36.790 seconds.
Bluman had the advantage of watching Ward’s round. “I was watching everything McLain did carefully,” Bluman said. “He’s a fast rider, and he loves to win this class. Then the crowd went crazy when he finished, and I had so many emotions at that point. I just said to myself that I was going to give everything – absolutely everything – I had. I was going to take all the risks, and I was going to beat him. I wasn’t going to be slower than him today. And it worked out.” “It was a really incredible feeling,” Bluman added. “It’s really special not only because it’s the Hampton Classic, but because it’s McLain Ward on his home turf. To beat him today is definitely going to be one that I’ll remember.”
Daniel Bluman and Gemma W. Photo: Kind Media

Daniel Bluman and Gemma W. Photo: Kind Media

Synnutra Team Rider Ashlee Bond continued her winning streak this month with numerous 1st places aboard her talented string of horses. Most recently she took home 1st place in the ESP Florida State Fall Show in the $5,000 1.35m Stake with her new horse Hylanderhof’s Chica Bella Rosa. Earlier this month Ashlee had a successful time at Spruce Meadows, with many top placings including 1st aboard Donatello 141 in the CSI5* Pepsi Challenge, multiple wins with Contefina LVF in the 1.45m classes, and 1st aboard Imagine in the 1.45m.

Scoopdyga via Ashlee Bond’s Instagram account
Ashlee Bond. Photo: via Ashlee Bond’s Instagram account

Synnutra Team Rider Kyle King saw great placings this month at Spruce Meadows with his horses. Some highlights include 3rd place aboard Magic Mike in the CSI5* 1.55m Cana Cup, 1st place (and many other top placings) aboard Gipsy De L’Epinette in the 1.20m classes, 3rd on Coffee To Go in the ATCO Electric Six Bar class, and 2nd place with Etalon in the 1.50m Sun Life Derby.

Kyle King Jumping
Kyle King. Photo: Kim Gaudry

Synnutra Team Barn Harley Brown Equestrian had a great start to autumn. At Split Rock Jumping Tour, Harley Brown and Amy Juelsgaard’s Corpowei were 9th in the $100,000 2* Grand Prix, Harley also won the $2,500 1.35m Open Jumper class aboard Amy Julelsgaard’s Capri 111, Zoe Brown won the 1.40m Junior/Amateur Final aboard Valiant, Olivia Brown and Lucie Wharton’s Blast O’ Energy won the 1.25 Mini Prix, student Mike Clear and Celina Z won the 1.10m Children’s Jumper Final, among many other top placings in the jumpers.

Harley Brown
Photo: Harley Brown Equestrian’s Instagram

SynNutra Team Barn Blue Ridge Farms had a great start to autumn. Sophie Leckie won the 1.35m National Prix at Split Rock Jumping Tour, student Jessica Smith and Vogue won the PCHA Adult Horsemanship Finals 35 and over, and student Della White and her horses took home top ribbons in the 1.40m Junior/Amateur Division. Congratulations to the entire team for top results at both Blenheim and Split Rock!

Sophie Simpson
Sophie Simpson. Photo: Split Rock Jumping Tour

Congratulations to SynNutra Team Rider Albert Michan and his new partnership with Firewall. Together, they placed 3rd in the $25,000 Wellington Grand Prix.

Albert Michan. Photo: Monica Decima Photography

Albert Michan. Photo: Monica Decima Photography

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Chrissie Catto

Chrissie Catto

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