by Rachel Northington | March 1, 2022

Brazos Valley Station and GastroMend XC™

Metallic Cat

Metallic Rebel

The National Cutting Horse Association (NCHA) announces Metallic Cat and Metallic Rebel as the recipients of the 2021 American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA) Leading Sire and Leading Freshman Sire awards, respectively. Huge congratulations to our friends and clients at Brazos Valley Stallion Station who rely on GastroMendXC to keep these unbelievable stallions at their best!

We take quality seriously!

We are excited about the new alfalfa we got from @Clinton Feed & Ranch Supply! Look at this beautiful green SynChill Daily! We know your horses will love it as much as we do!

Ulcer Relief™ for humans!

GastroMend has been such a huge success in helping horses who suffer from ulcers, that SynNutra’s sister company, Alexsyn, Inc., has developed an incredibly effective product for people!

Ulcer Relief™ is the first of its kind, all-natural, non-prescription supplement to help people suffering from ulcers and it is almost ready to hit the market.

Click here to be one of the first to know when this awesome product is available. If Ulcer Relief™ doesn’t help you, you probably don’t have ulcers!

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Keep the success stories coming for 20% off!

Love our products? Want to save money on your next order? Send us a quick video of how you use our products and why you and your horse love them and we’ll give you a one-time coupon good for 20% off! It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, 30 seconds or less will do. You can upload it to FaceBook or Instagram by tagging @SynNutra, or email the video to We are so excited to see what you come up with!

Shop Online

  • Gastromend XC Front Of Bag

    GastroMend XC® – Equine Stomach Health

    $115.00$1,035.00 or from $109.25$983.25 / month
  • SynChill Daily Front Of Package

    SynChill Daily – Horse Calming Supplement

    $89.50$348.00 or from $85.03$330.60 / month
  • GastroMend Reg Front Of Bag

    GastroMend – Gastric Health Supplement for Horses

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  • RedoxEQ Product Package

    RedoxEq – Horse metabolic support supplement

    $180.00$1,800.00 or from $171.00$1,710.00 / month
  • SynChill Product Tube

    SynChill – Calming Gel for the Nervous Horse

    $15.49$1,487.04 or from $14.72$1,412.69 / month
  • SynOsteon Front Of Bag

    SynOsteon Healthy Bone

    $115.00$1,580.00 or from $109.25$1,501.00 / month
  • SynOsteon Front Of Bag

    SynOsteon Healthy Horse Bone (subscription only)

    From: $115.00 / month
  • Front of SynAir Bag

    SynAir- EIPH (Bleeding) Management For Horses

    $110.00$990.00 or from $104.50$940.50 / month

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