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“I have tried many ulcer products including rounds of having my horse scoped and treated twice with the normal veterinary protocols as well as following all the feed/turnout/hay recommendations. I have had my horse on GastroMend XC for about 2 months. His symptoms seem to have abated significantly, i.e. not biting at his flanks and kicking out with both heels due to discomfort. I am praying this is a life long cure and so happy I found your product. I discovered SynNutra by watching Horse Shelter Heroes and am also using your SynChill Daily™ product. I own a 16H Arab Saddlebred who can be prone to reactiveness. This product seems to have a definite calming effect on him but not to the point of making him dull. I do many clinics with my horse and a recent comment was that we both seemed really “relaxed”, this coming from a clinician who has known us for many years in which we were not “so relaxed.” My horse’s relaxation translates to my relaxation! Thank you for the excellent customer service!”         -Kay Mott & Tyler

Ashlee Bond aboard Essy

Photo by @equisium

SynNutra Rider Ashlee Bond is starting spring on a sunny note! A huge congratulations to SynNutra Team Rider Ashlee Bond and her 8-year-old gelding, lonesco Sitte! “Essy” was two for two this past week with wins in the $5,000 1.30 Rising Star Classic @ridgeshowjumping and Saturday’s $15,000 1.40m Turf Tour Finale Grand Prix. Essy gets a SynChill™ prior to each class and we’d say it’s working!

Horse kisses

BIG announcement: We are kissing our California facility goodbye and relocating to Arkansas!  While we will dearly miss our California friends and clients, we are looking forward to having more space to expand our growing business thanks to YOU, our valued customers!

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