SynChill {Single-Syringe}

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Available individually.  Order 12 to get a box.

  • Provides maximum disposition support for your equine athlete
  • Designed to reduce stress and anxiety prior to stressful events
  • Provides premium cognitive and behavior support
  • Help prevent your horse from washing out or tying up
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Help your horse naturally FOCUS, RELAX, & PERFORM!


Available individually or in Boxes of 12

•  Provides Maximum Disposition Support for Your Equine Athlete*

•  Designed to reduce stress and anxiety prior to stressful events*

•  Improves mental health and stability during training*

Now you can help reduce the stress and anxiety of your horse without sacrificing physical performance.  SynChill is formulated to promote relaxation and take the edge off so energy is conserved for competition.  Available in an oral gel, this patented product can help your horse relax and deal with environmental distractions while maintaining physical energy.

Reducing the daily anxiety some horses experience during training can be useful in controlling exertional rhabdomyolysis (tying up). SynChill, which contains a delicate balance of vitamins and amino acids, can reduce training stress and overtime, improve the overall mental health of an anxious athlete.

Recommended Use from the Doctor:
SynChill was developed to take the edge off those nervous horses that “wash out” or are just too wound up in the paddock.  It works so well that most of my clients use it for most of their horses.  In development,  I was concerned it might dull some but we have not seen that effect at all.

We recommend administering entire contents of the syringe 2-6 hours before a stressful event.





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