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By Rachel Northington | November 8, 2022 | Blog

Our once-a-year sale is close!








“I just wanted to share some very positive feedback on your products. I recently ordered SynChill Daily and GastroMend XC. I can’t believe in 2 days the huge change in my new gelding. I recently bought a 9-year-old quarter horse who I bought because he was simply amazing under saddle. I knew he had a not-so-great past and some anxiety around haltering and being tied. After some time to settle in, I did have him on Magnesium, but he still was a little on edge. I kept doing the groundwork and being super patient and gentle with him. I learned about SynChill by following Horse Plus Humane Society on Amazon. I did some more research and decided I would try your products next. It dawned on me that since he had so much anxiety around haltering that he probably had some ulcers from his past experiences, so I decided to try Gastromend XC.
Denver has been on GastroMend XC and SynChill pellets for two days now and he has not flinched one time and seems so calm. I even caught him taking a nap for the first time in weeks. I wish I had known about GastroMend XC sooner. I plan on sharing my findings with others and I am very excited about my journey with Denver now that he is in a calm and focused state of mind. Keep up the great work!”

-Kathleen and Denver Mist

It was a triple win 🏆 week for SynNutra Rider Ashlee Bond at ESP Fall I! Way to go!


🥇Chill Ma, $25,000 Equiline Grand Prix
🥇 Chill Ma, $10,000 Bainbridge Companies 1.40m Open Stake
🥇 Dolly C, VitaFlex 1.35m Stake

Congratulations to SynNutra Rider Kyle King and Coffee To Go on winning the $75,000 Interactive Mortgage Grand Prix!

SynNutra Welcomes New Promoter Rebekah May

Rebekah is an accomplished horsewoman who has been riding and showing since she was 3 years old, and we are excited to have her on the team!

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