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by | Aug 2, 2022 | Blog

“My thoroughbred mare, China (registered name Chasin Dreams), has a lengthy history of severe ulcers. She is now 26 years old, and we have shared 23 of those years. She has given me the best rides of my life as a hunter/jumper and then she gave me a beautiful filly. Words can’t fully express how connected I feel to her. She is that once-in-a-lifetime, special one for me. For the past 10 years, she has lived an ideal retirement on my farm. She shares a lush 4-acre pasture with a Halflinger pony who adores her. They are in 12×12 stalls half the day and turned out the other 12 hours. She gets excellent feed and hay and the farm is quiet and laid back. She is groomed regularly and loved daily.
About 4 years ago, China began developing ulcers. During those 4 years, she has had 8 rounds of them. I followed the veterinarian’s advice each round for the standard protocols, which were scope before and after treatment with Gastrogard. A couple of times we added Sulcrafate. Throughout those 4 years, I also tried multiple highly recommended ulcer prevention products that were endorsed by highly respected riders and trainers in the equine industry. Sadly, none of them prevented China’s ulcers from reoccurring. I was concerned I might lose my mare from ulcers and the cost of all of it was hard to absorb.
I refused to give up hope. I continued to research and found SynNutra’s GastroMend online. It sounded promising so I called them. From that first call until today, the staff has been consistently informative, compassionate, responsive, and professional. Dr. Simpson at SynNutra recommended putting China on GastroMend XC in October of 2021 due to her long history of reoccurring ulcers, so I started right away. I am scared to jinx it, but she has not had signs of ulcers since then, a record for China- 9months! I have also given her Adequan to make her more comfortable. I am convinced GastroMend XC is the key! China has gained weight, is eating well, and is relaxed and happy once again.
Words can’t begin to express my gratitude to Dr. Simpson, his staff, and SynNutra. My next project is to personally contact all the vets I have worked and consulted with about China’s ulcer issue and tell them about this product. I do not want any other horses and their humans to suffer needlessly when there is an effective, affordable product THAT WORKS!”

Kathy Kennedy

Clearbrook Farms Ohio

“Adyn Shepersky and Dixie of Minnesota are a barrel racing duo that currently travel to Perry, Georgia to compete in the NBHA Youth & Teen World Finals. SynNutra has been a blessing to this pair. Dixie is being fed SynChill Daily™SynAir™, and GastroMend™. Dixie can be a more anxious horse in a busy environment, especially being stalled for an extended period of time, on top of it being much bigger than she had ever seen and a climate that she had never experienced. She did much better than we ever expected; minimal anxiety issues, zero signs of colic, no extra electrolytes needed, with very little sweating in 90°+ temps with high humidity. Other horses were sweating and some even struggling to breathe!”

Adyn Shepersky and Dixie of Minnesota

Sent by Adyn's mom, Crystal

GastroMend™ has really helped ”Sonny” Baybrightside and helps keep some weight on. He will always be a slender horse, but his top line is much better too. Sonny looks so good now!”

Dany and Shawna Pelletier

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